DJ Mac

“Ang Talentadong DJ”
8:00am - 1:00pm (Mon-Fri)

Versatility is DJ Mac’s middle name. This quirky announcer’s talents include professional radio production, sound programming, voice-overs, event  & TV hosting, and club DJ-ing. But his creativity and wild energy also spills over to other outlets, as he is also proficient in freehand illustration, mixed media arts, visual design, photography and construction. His radio experience spans a decade, with 5 years playing in clubs as Resident Dj. DJ Mac-Kulit (Kakaiba, Unbelievable, Laking  Incredibly Talented) sums it all up in one phrase: “maximum overdrive”.

With his experience in the onstage and on-air entertainment scenes, Jason excels in capturing the diverse Filipino market. When Energy FM changed its format briefly in 2006, Jason proved equal command in a high-end format as well as in a ‘masa’ one.  He has produced countless radio ads & voice-overs, interviewed famous celebrities, and continues to delight the masses with his comical antics and dynamic on-air personality.

On top of his regular disc jockey work, he also serves as a Network Production Director , producing the network’s various plugs, promos, and advertisements as the need arises.